A Sherlock Holmes collection

The five orange pips


Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle: He was born the on the twenty second of May in 1859, at Edinburgh. He was writer and physician. Sir Arthur is famous because he create the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. He died on the seventh of july in 1930.
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Type of book

it is polician book because Sherlock investigates two dies (three at the end) to solve crime.

Main Characters

There are six importants characters, but these three are the main characters:


At the beginig, one man, John Openshaw, arrive to Sherlock's house because he has one strange problem. Then, Sherlock says: "Please tell my everything". After that, john said this history: When his uncle, Elias, was young, went to live in Florida. During the Civil War, he toke part of Confederate army, and he was a colonel. In 1869, he returned to England, then he started to drink alcohol and had a bad temper. Only John can visit him. John had all the keys of the house except one room that was in the attic. One day, Elias received a letter from Pondicherry, India. In the letter only there were five orange pips. Then Elias, very worried went to his room. He return with old key and with a small metal box. He said to John that ask to Mr. Fordham, the lawer. When the lawer arrived they went to Elias'es room. There was small fire with blue papers. Near the fire, was the metal box and on the lid there were this letters K.K.K. After that Elias gave his money to John's father. Then, one night, seven weeks later, Elias went out for walk, and he didn't return. In the next morning the police found his boy near the lake, but they said it was a suicide. The father of John inherited all the money and property of Elias, so he came to live in Horsham. One day in the attic they found a box with the letters K.K.K. and diaries of Elias. They were abot his live in America. Two years after that the father of John opened a letter. In this letter there was only five orange pips and inside the envelope again this letters K.K.K., but this time with this message: "Put the papers on the sundial. That papers didn't exist because there were burned by Elias. Then Holmes exmined it and said that they had very little time and that he must put the paper on the sundial. Also, he said that he must write a note saying that Elias burned all the other papers. After that he left to his home. Then Holmes said to Watson that if he remember the postmarks, and Watson replied the sites. Then, Holmes and Watson got a conclusion, that they were on a ship and they needed time to travell. After, Holmes said that the letter is from London and they must hurry. Then Watson said that who was doing this terrible thing, Holmes answer speaking about the Ku Klux Klan. Holmes belive that Elias had some importants documents about the K.K.K., then he said that tomorrow he'll try to find the K.K.K. In the next morning Holmes picked up the newspaper and saw that John Openshaw was dead, he drowned in the River Thames and saw too that the police belive than it was an accident again. Holmes was upset because he thought that he sent John to the death. After that, he looked at the register of the boats that arrived at Pondicherry in the first two months of 1883 and he discovered that only one ship was American the Lone Star and he talk about this with Watson. Then, Holmes tryed to do the same as them. He put five orange pips in an envelope and he sent it to Savannah Port, Georgia, but they never received the letter because they sunk in the Atlantic Ocean.

Historical Context

The Ku Klux Klan: now this homophobic and anti-communist group that only have 5000-8000 members, but in the past, they have 3000000-6000000 members!!!! They are against to the Catholic Church.

Look this coincidence with Vodafone: Is Vodfone part of K.K.K?

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Personal Opinion

In my opinion, this book is fantastic because Sherlock Holmes resolve a crime only one clue! My part is when Holmes talk about the Ku Klux Klan because it's very interesting. The worst part, in my opinion, it's the end because a final has to be awesome and incredible, but this one it's borning and also isn't as good as the rest of the book. My note is 8,5