The Digestion Mission

A Journey of Discovery

The Journey, How will you survive?

We have a friendly host that has been checked for any disease or bacteria insuring you will not get infected by a nasty germ. We have a first class flying, diving, and driving machine. You will enter into the machine and be shrunk to the size of a human nail. From thou there you will be transported into the mouth of the host and be chewed. But don't worry, this machine is indestructible and cannot be destroyed. The saliva glands will then begin to secret saliva to partially digest you. You will then leisurely be transported down the esophagus. Food drink and oxygen will be supplied all the way. You should arrive in the stomach to be digested you will then arrive at the small intestine, enjoying the theme park ride type experience before entering the large intestine. You might here a noise around you but that will be the pod's disinfectant shield deploying as you exit through the anus. You will then return to your normal size and will be required to use our showering facility.


Will we die?

No you will not, after every ride there in a thorough safety check of the host and the pod not to mention the shrink and enlarge ray.

Will this harm the host?

No the we have used non toxic materials and disinfectant to insure the safety of Tim

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