Kellie Roth


Pages is a word processor and a page layout tool that helps you create great looking documents, newsletters, reports, brochures, and more.


Pages makes it easy for you to make beautiful brochures. You can choose from one of the templates or do it from scratch. I enjoyed being creative and making brochures. You can add pictures, rotate things, add boarders, change the opacity of a picture, add shapes, and much more!


If you change the opacity of a picture, you are changing how well you can see it. This works well when you set a picture as the background.

Adding Shapes

Adding shapes to your document can very fun. You can set one as your background, add points to the shape, and much more! To set a shape as your background you first select your shape, make it as big as you want, and then click send to the back. You can also make the shape multicolored by going to inspector, clicking fill and than selecting gradient fill.

Rotating texts and shapes

You can also enhance the appearance of your document by rotating your text and shapes. You can do this by going to inspector, clicking on the shapes button, and then clicking rotate.