South Carolina


African Slave Trade

The English started trading slaves from the West Indies and Africa, they had called it "Black Ivory." Englishmen knew the profit of trading slaves, so they brought them to South Carolina so they can be sold into slave labor. Slaves were sold off in Charleston, South Carolina so they can work the plantations.
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The Political Economy Of Carolina

The first settlers came to Charles Town in the year 1670, it was pretty warm in our new home. The Spanish still owned our colony, and there were still Native Americans here we found out they had converted to Catholicism. There were so many rivalries between us and the Indians, they wanted to trade with us but we wanted a monopoly. We got the land and the Indian products, meaning we won the war. The Westos had offered us Indian slaves, furs and many other products, we were more interested in the slaves though. We heard that Natives had pushed the Spanish out of Carolina, but also the French. We became allies with the Westos, they had fought with other Indians so they can be the chief slave suppliers. Soon there were many wars, one being the Westo war in 1680, this war was really bad because they were fighting with the Savannah Indians. Yamasees were reliable traders with us for about 40 years, but they had fought with us, this was called the Queen Anne’s War. In Charleston we had ships bring slaves from the West Indies and Africa to us, we sold slaves to the colonist because they needed slave labor. Soon our colony was known for trading slaves to other colonies and colonist. Soon our economy started to prosper.

Sources from Of The People