Orchestra News

Busy month ahead and Summer Opportunities

May 1st - Chamber Orchestra Legend Time Rehearsal

Students in Chamber orchestra need to report to orchestra for Legend Time on May 1st for a combined rehearsal with harps.

May 1st - Beginner Orchestra Rehearsal

This is a required event for all beginner orchestra students.

3:45 - 5PM in the Lawler Orchestra Room.

This is our only rehearsal all together before both NRH20 and Spring concert. It is important that all beginner students report to the orchestra room after school for this rehearsal.

May 3rd - (Beginners) Ultimate LLama Ninja Gathering

This is an optional social reward for all beginner orchestra students that have achieved 1st degree Ultimate LLama level in Orchestra karate. The social will begin right after school and end at 5PM.

May 4th - All Students - NRH20 Festival

Next Saturday is our trip to NRH20 water park for our festival and fun. Parents who have volunteered to chaperone, Thank you!! We will need everyone who has volunteered. Please see a follow up email from me this weekend regarding chaperones for our trip.

May 6th - Chamber Orchestra Rehearsal

3:40 - 4:15 PM

Orchestra Room

Final rehearsal with harps before concert on the 7th

May 7th - Required for All Students - Spring Orchestra Concert

Looking forward to a great concert!

Liberty High School Auditorium

Concert begins 6:30 PM

Beginners - Arrive by 5:45 to get unpacked and tuned

Camerata/Sinfonia Students - Arrive by 6:00 to get unpacked and tuned

Chamber Students - Arrive by 6:15 to get unpacked and tuned.

May 8, 9, 10 - Lawler Orchestra Auditions

During orchestra class on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of May, 6th and 7th grade students will complete their auditions for next year's orchestra placements.

Students should already be working on audition music.

Audition requirements and music can be found at www.lawlerorchestra.com/auditions

May 23rd - Optional Fine Arts Main Event Night

Students that have turned in form and money are registered to attend our Main Event Night.

4:30 - 8:30 PM

Transportation must be provided by parents.

Students should check in with Mrs. LaLonde when they arrive at Main Event for game card and wristband.

If your student has missed the deadline to turn in form and money for this event, they can still attend but will need to pay the regular rate when they arrive at Main Event on May 23rd.

What to do with rental over the summer?

Around this time of year, many families start to ask about what to do with their instrument over the summer. I know a lot of people may be going out of town or out of the country. Even if your student's instrument will sit at home over the summer while you are out of town, it is usually still best to continue to rent the instrument over the summer.

Not all rental programs are the same, so make sure to check with your rental store. Most of them offer that a portion of your rental goes towards owning the instrument in the future. If you cancel your rental over the summer, you start over with a new rental policy in the fall and do not get to carry your balance forward. Make sure to check in with your rental company about this policy before cancelling a rental.

In addition, there are lots of great orchestra opportunities for your student over the summer months. It is best for them to continue to practice and keep up their skills so they can start strong next school year. Region orchestra auditions take place as soon as we return to school so students that have been practicing or have been in lessons all summer tend to do best in that competition.

Summer Camps

Get your student involved in a summer camp! Orchestra summer camps are a great way for your student to keep up their skills and meet other students passionate about music. We have lots of great camps in our area. Below are just a few:

Frisco Summer Strings: Registration Form Below

Lake Murray Orchestra Camp: https://www.lakemurrayorchestra.com/

Plano Summer Strings https://www.pisd.edu/Page/17191

UTA Summer Strings: https://www.summerstrings.org/

Summer Lessons

Want to keep your student practicing and improving all summer? I highly encourage all students to get involved with private lessons.

Please contact me at lalondec@friscoisd.org for information on summer lessons for your student.