Frog Dissection

By:Cade Pruhs and Bryce Miller

External Frog

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Internal mouth

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Digestive System

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Respiratory System

Circulatory System

Reproductive System

Excretory Systems

Nervous System

Muscular System

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How are you and a frog similar structurally?

The Frog and a Human have many things that are similar. For example, both have spines to support the back and being part of the nervous system. Also, both have skulls to protect the brain from harm. Both a Frog and a Human have many similarities when it comes to the structure.


I think this was a very helpful lab to show us the parts of a living animal and how they function. We learned the different parts of the systems in the body and what was their purpose to benefit the living organism. This was helpful for me because it was very hands-on when it came to cutting and pulling organs out of the frog. I liked how we were with a partner so we could work more effectively as well as one could take pictures while the other would looks for the organs we needed. Overall this lab is very helpful to the learning about the organ systems in the body and should be continued to be done in the future.