Republican Party

Bustin' Our Trunks, To Save Yours

Party Platform

The Republican Party believes in a limited government. Everyone has the same individual rights. We believe the states should have more power over certain issues than the national government. We are more conservative on the issues on economics, social issues, and business related topics. We want to change the government for the better of everyone.

Party Planks


Health Care

The Republican Party believes in a patient-centered health care system, which is based on cutting health care costs down. We believe that a health care system that is ran by the government will reduce both the efficiency and the standard of care, as well as compromise the patient-physician relationship, and increase waiting periods within the health care system. The Republican Party believes that the more freedom the people have in choosing their health care, and their own way of managing their health care costs, the more effectively the entire system will run.

Minimum Wage

The Republican Party believes that minimum wage being raised would be a good thing. But, many others seem to disagree. Our current minimum wage rate is $8.10. When you work a standard 40 hour work week, 52 weeks a year, there's an annual income of $15,080. Our country's current poverty line is set at $19,777. As you can see, while working a minimum wage job you are struggling in life. It may not be by choice either. Maybe it's the only job you could find, even with a college degree. Minimum wage should be raised so that people who are struggling can get some extra money to put back into the economy so that everything gets better. We believe that raising minimum wage will benefit more people and the economy.