Drunk Driving

By: Avery Hughes

Should the U.S make DWI's more strict?

I do not believe that the U.S should make DWI's less strict, because drinking and driving is a very dangerous to yourself and other people on the road, also stricter consequences will help prevent it.

Background Knowledge on Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol and other impairing substances is an epidemic in our society. It doesn’t appear to be going away in the near future. An average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before first their first arrest. Every two minutes a person is injured in a drunk driving crash. Drunk driving costs the united states $199 billion in a year. Every day another 28 people die as a result of drunk driving crashes.

Supporting my thesis

  • ''Since the Early 1980's, Legislative Initiatives, Such As the Minimum Legal Drinking Age of 21." A DWI is something that is held against your record that is supposed to keep you from drunk driving, but is this really working? i picked this quote to show the rules behind drunk driving , so we can look at the rules and see how to make them stricter.
  • "Public from Driving After Drinking, Whereas Specific Deterrence Laws Seek to Prevent People Who Have Been Convicted for Driving Under the Influence from Repeating Their Offense. Education, Enforcement, and Comprehensive Community Programs, Combined with Legislation, Can Substantially Reduce Alcohol-Related Traffic Deaths. "
    The quote shows the results after drunk driving and what happens to you if you break this law. I picked this to show that the rules are not very strict and could be a lot stricter.
  • "Smartphones can track how much someone drinks very quickly and easily,"
    smartphones can track how many drinks you have had with different apps
  • "calling a friend or getting an uber is a way better way then trying to drive drunk"
    i totally agree, finding a better safer way home is a way better idea then driving home drunk
  • "Members of Alcoholics Anonymous like to joke that when alcoholics get arrested for drunken driving enough times, it finally sinks in that they need to make a change in their life, and get their licence suspended." i agree, after so many DWI , the licence should be suspended.

Counter Argument

Some people believe that DUI laws should not be as harsh , or that they should simply be abolished because they think that the BAC level is too low , the average BAC level is 0.08. However an article by Rich Stem states " For some people, it often takes very little alcohol to become legally drunk and certain physical characteristics such as weight, gender, and body far percentage can all be factors of the equation."
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Picture Commentary

This picture is showing all of the deaths that are caused by drunk driving in 2008, and it proves that the DWI laws should not be less strict.