iPads in the Classroom

Julie Vaughn

Module 7

SAFETY FIRST ~ iPad Precautions

One safety precaution that I have on my iPad is a passcode. I use this to protect my data and to maintain control over who is using my iPad. Another safety precaution on my iPad is auto-lock. After 2 minutes of being idle, my iPad goes into sleep mode and requires a passcode to open the home screen.

Settings ~ The Who, What, When, Where and Why OF YOUR DEVICE

I am still on the exploration end of learning about of the features in settings. The general tab has some quick and easy ways to view and manage the information that is stored on a classroom iOS device as well as my personal devices.

  • Settings>General>About ~ great way to change the name of your iPad or iPhone device plus, this setting gives details about the number of photos, videos, apps, and songs that are downloaded to the device. Also, a quick way to find the serial and model numbers as well as other details about the iPad or iPhone.
  • Settings>General>Reset ~ this is a great way to return an iPad or iPhone to its original factory settings. There are several different options to chose from such as Reset Network Settings which removes Internet history such as usernames and passwords. Another option is Reset All Content and Settings. This feature removes all information and data stored on the device, known as a "hard reset", and returns the device back to factory defaults.

Instructional Tools & Accessories ~ My Favs

Our district has been putting more of an emphasis on incorporating writing skills within the curriculum. iPad apps are a great way to engage and motivate students become better writers.

  1. Smore.com great app to create flyers, newsletters, or posters on almost any topic. Students can upload pictures, videos, and audio to make their Smore document look more professional.
  2. Padlet.com is a virtual wall were students and teachers can communicate electronically. Padlet is easy to use, even for young students. Students can upload documents, videos, pictures and text. Teachers can choose their own URL address and have several options on how public they want to wall to be. The best feature of this tool is the "MODERATE POSTS", this means that posts must be approved by one of the moderators before they are posted on the wall for others to see.
  3. Child Proofing your iPad is a quick checklist explaining ways child proof classroom iPads. I am going to print this guide off and have it posted on my bulletin board.

Tips and TRicks ~ Restrictions (Something COOL that I LEARNED!)

Settings>General>Restrictions ~ When the restrictions control feature is turned on, a passcode is used to restrict access to certain apps and content. For example, this feature can prevent explicit music and video and limit access to apps.