Finding Audrey

by Sophie Kinsella

IRP Visual by Kayla Smith

In Sophie Kinsella's young adult novel, Finding Audrey, Audrey finds herself facing multiple obstacles due to her social anxiety and depression. Will she ever recover and return to her life prior to her illnesses?

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Audrey is a teenaged girl living with social anxiety and depression caused by a horrific school incident that the author never actually addresses. Over the course of the novel, she finds new ways to battle her mental illnesses.

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Throughout most of the story, Audrey keeps on dark sunglasses to avoid eye contact, something that triggers her panic attacks. She keeps these glasses on until the end of the novel when she loses them in a park and overcomes her fear of eye contact.
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Audrey has to take antidepressant medication every morning to speed up her healing process, but when she gets caught up in a relationship with Linus, she believes she doesn't need her pills anymore. I knew when I read this part of the story that something would go horribly wrong at this point as I understand how dangerous going off of meds unsupervised can be. I have to take ADHD medication every day, similar to Audrey, and stopping pills too quickly without consulting a doctor can have side effects such as dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, etc. I've experienced this before, and know that Audrey definitely learned her lesson the hard way.
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After a massive depressive episode, Audrey decides to take a large amount of her medication to, quote, "ease the pain." This, clearly, ends terribly. Audrey wanders into a park, passes out, and goes missing.

After about a day, she is found - without her dark glasses - and states that she can see the world in a whole new way.

The story ends with Audrey restarting her medication regularly, and returning to her healing process.