Work Flow: Google

Teaching with Technology Seminar

Log into Google on your Computer

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Find Google Drive

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Experience the New Drive

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Google Forms

Why use Google Forms for Work Flow?

  • An easy way to collect work from students
  • An easy way to share the work of the entire class with every student
  • Keep in mind: This is not just for apps that generate links. Some apps have links automatically generated, but if a link is not generated, a link can be generated by uploading to Google Drive.

An Example

How to Collect Links using Google Forms

Step 1: Create Google Form

Google Form: Part 1

Step 2: Student Completes Form

Google Form: Part 2

Step 3: Teacher Review & Shares Responses

Google Forms: Part 3

Google Folders

Why Use Google Folders for Work Flow?

  • An easy way to collect and save work over time
  • With a folder, you can set it up to share and then never have to share again
  • If using Google Docs, you can comment and see revision history

How To Set up Google Folders: Student Shares a Folder with a Teacher (on iPad)

Creating & Sharing a Folder in Google

How a Teacher Shares a "Resource" Folder with Students

Click below to see an example:
Sharing folders with students