Inherit The Wind

Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee

Summary of Scopes Monkey Trial

A young age high school teacher, named John T Scopes, was accused of breaking the law of teaching evolution to his students. But according to school rules teachers are required to teach some form of evolution, therefore they must break the law. Scopes was later fined $100 dollars for his teachings.

Summary of Inherit The Wind

Bert cates, a high school sophomore teacher, is arrested for teaching his students the theory of evolution. Rachel brown, his girlfriend, pushes him to plead guilty in the case. Many people come to testify for Cates and his teachings. As the jury decides Cates wait nervously and becomes more anxious. Drummond, his attorney, Is feeling confident with there actions. In the end, the jury finds Cates guilty, and proceeds to give him a $100 fine. But in the end Cate and Drummond are the real winners, because they were able to have a moral win of freedom of thought.

The authors

Jerome Lawrence is an american author born in Cleveland, Ohio on July 14, 1915. He was an avid play writer, author, and radio host. After he attended college at Ohio state he moved to California to work for CBS Radio. He later moved again to New York for CBS radio and met Robert E. Lee.

Robert E. Lee is an American author born in Elyria, Ohio on October 15, 1918. He was an was engineer. Robert became fond of writing from his mother. After he graduated high school he went to the university if Chicago but later transferred to The university of Ohio. After finishing his work in Ohio he visited New York and met Jerome Lawrence.

In the late 1940's, Robert and Lawrence began to collaborate on an a book they wanted to write,Inherit the wind. After finishing the book they gained much success and fame. It wasn't until 1955 when the book was featured on Broadway.