IEP and 504 Planning Update

Transitioning to Blended Learning

IEP and 504 Planning Update

We have been carefully planning for our students who have IEPs and 504s as well as students who need additional interventions to meet their unique learning needs at this time of transition. Because each plan is individualized, please refer to your student's IRLP that was created at the beginning of the school year for the portion that reflects services during blended instruction. If you have any questions, would like to discuss the services for your student during blended or continued remote services (if you have chosen this option), or if you have a question about an evaluation for your student, feel free to contact your student's case manager or the assistant principal at your student's building.

If you would like to access additional resources to help your student understand the new COVID 19 protocol or increase appropriate mask wearing and social distancing, please watch "Wearing Masks at School" (watch with students) and "Working With Your Child on Mask Wearing" (for parents) for tips for students and parents from Jenna Losch our D41 Behavior Specialist. You are also welcome to join CASE Parent Universities at or check out their on-line resources. In addition, we are working with SSPAC to plan virtual coffees and very much look forward to seeing you there.

If you need to reach me with any questions, please contact me via email at or call me at 630-534-7234.

Laurel O'Brien
Director of Student Services

Wearing Masks at School

Please watch the below video with your students:
Wearing_Masks_at_School--Watch with Children

Mask Wearing for Students - Tips For Parents

Please watch the below video filled with tips for parents:
HowtoWorkwithYourChildonMask wearing forParents