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Kaylia Wirfs


A T-Table kind of like a Data Table . It looks like a letter T and yourecord all of the main ideas of your assignment.

Core 4 Topic Sentences

The Core 4 Topic Sentences are the 4 first sentences that you have to choose from you pick one and that will be your first topic sentence . Such as :

  1. Simple Sentences
  2. Number Sentences
  3. Questions
  4. Situation Stance.

Main ideas (yellow)

The (yellow) Main Ideas are the first sentences after your topic sentence .When you figure out what you topic sentence is you have to figure out you main idea which is then followed by Details about the Main Ideas


Details are where you tell them more about the main idea you picked . Details is when you explain about whatever was in your main idea. Without a main idea you have no details without details you pretty much have no main ideas


Your Conclusion is the last sentence in your paragraph or assignment.It is almost the same as your topic sentence but slightly altered


A Transition is a word that makes it so when you say you sentence it doesn't sound funny going from one to the other. EXAMPLE: When I was little I fell out of a tree , also I had broke my arm. Also was the transition .