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Hey parents, do you have a teen that goes against everything you say? Well here's the prefix that can make them the opposite of their rebel self. Non will make sure they don't go against you ever again!

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Non is the prefix that will make sure your kids become the antithesis of their rebel self's. Its not like extra or se it will not put your kids against what you say instead it will do the opposite.And 93% of parents say that this prefix works better than any other.So you should buy it not cause all the parents have it and, you don't want to be the only one left out!

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  • There couldn't be a better prefix then non it changed my life!- Elizabeth
  • My kids have done everything I tell them to do since I bought the prefix non-Anonymous
  • I recommend this for all parents its the best prefix you will ever find-Ashley
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The story of Non

All off non's friends were mundane because, unlike non there kids never listened to them. And because of this, non trusted his kids more than his friends trusted there kids. So his friends were jealous and kept asking him to make there kids the opposite of how they were before and, he did. Now non is helping all of the adults that ask him or that he knows. For this reason they all love him and he is the star for everyone that knows him.