Audio Production

Juliana Williams

possible jobs

assistant engineer

production assistant

studio manager/owner

sound technician

audio engineer for videos

how much they make and what you need:

audio production engineers and technical producers make any where from 37,000 a year to 55,000. they work on a salary basis and are either employed by a record label or recording studio, they also need a bachelors degree in audio production although this is not necessarily a requirement.


Audio producers work with well known or upcoming artists to create new music. They also help create soundtracks for movies and shows. They have the responsibility of setting up the technical equipment used to produce these songs. Audio producers also create commercials aired on radio channels for upcoming events, new business's and other items.

relevance to the real world

In this station you learn how to put together layers of different instruments to create the instrumental section of the song. you also learn how to write a scripts out, and read a live script on air. this station showed the many job opportunities in the music and audio production industry.