Propaganda Poster Anti Hoover

By Isaiah Rosati

Why Hoover was a bad president

Hoover's philosophy didn't give people much faith in him because he didn't believe in handouts, welfare, minimum government involvement in the economy, and he also thought that people should help themselves.

Hoover was to cautious in trying to fix the problems of the great depression because he believed that the government should not interfere in people's life's and should let them help themselves. Normally this would be a good idea but not during the great depression. Hoover thought that federal aid would be a disservice to people. He asked for charity's to raise money to help unemployed people but didn't do anything to help people himself.

Hoover didn't think that the government should help the people. He thought that people should help themselves. I think that normally that would not be bad but if people are starving and don't have any money then i think that you should try to help them. Because Hoover didn't do much to help people they lost faith in him as president.

Hoover did do some things to help people but he did them too late. One of them was he approved the Huston Dam Project which gave people jobs. He also passed the Federal Farm Board and the National Credit Corporation. He also passed the Federal Home Loan Bank Act which lowered mortgage rates for homeowners which let farms refinance their lands so they could avoid foreclosure. This mostly benefited corporations instead of average people. The poor still needed direct relief. If Hoover would have done more to help the people sooner then he could have been reelected.

I would have done many things differently. I would have made more bills to help farmers. I would have also have limited the number of things people could have installment plans on at once. I would have also limited the number of stock that people could buy. I also would have put money from the national treasury into the banks to keep them open. I also would have made more jobs for people who wanted to work.