Albion Middle School Staff Bulletin

Weeks of October 5 and 12, 2015 - Number 4

Here's What's Going On...

Monday, Oct. 5

Team Meetings with Tom

BLT, Tom's Office, 3:15 pm

Tuesday, Oct. 6

Athletic Conference - Principals' Meeting, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Mustang Coffee Klatch - 7:45 - 9:00 am

Wednesday, Oct. 7

Parent - Teacher Conferences, 4:05-7:05 pm

PTA food/snacks/refreshments - Staff Lounge

Thursday, October 8

Tom out of Building

Friday, October 9

Oktoberfest! - Staff Workroom - all lunch periods

Picture retakes at Albion

Monday, Oct. 12

Columbus Day

Team Meetings with Tom - Morning Only

DLT - 1:00 pm

Wednesday, Oct. 14

Albion PTA - 9:30 am, Media Center

Staff Meeting, 3:15 pm - Media Center

Thursday, Oct. 15

Secondary Curriculum Meeting, 9:30 am - Tom

Parent - Teacher Conferences, 4:05 - 7:05 pm,

PTA food/snacks/refreshments - Staff Lounge

Friday, Oct. 16

NEOEA Day - No School

Tuesday, Oct. 20

Report card data entry due

Athletic Events:

Athletics and other school events can be found on Albion's School calendar. You can access Albion's calendar at: HERE

Other stuff...

Something New!

"Assessment Practices - Tip of the Week":

Feedback to any pupil should be about the particular qualities of his or her work, with advice he or she can do to improve, and should avoid comparisons with other students.


The first and only Albion Oktoberfest! is scheduled for Friday, October 9 in the staff lounge. Please join us and enjoy a GIANT sub from Martin's Deli in Rocky River, delicious sides, beverages, and good German music! Kommen Sie an dem Spaß!

Parent - Teacher Conferences

P/T Conferences are scheduled for Wednesday, October 7 and Thursday, Oct. 15. PTA will provide food, snacks, and refreshments in the staff lounge.

Emergency Drills:

New regulations require that emergency drill be conducted on an unannounced basis. We have also been directed to vary our drills to more closely resemble an actual emergency (i.e. intruder drill at the start of the day, fire drill at the end of a lunch period, etc.) Please disregard the emergency drill schedule you received at the beginning of the school year. I will share that we do have a Fire Drill scheduled within the first two weeks of October. Please review your emergency drill procedures with your students. If you have questions or concerns, please see Mike. provides K-12 solutions to support districts as they transition to digital content and build students' digital literacy skills. has been in place in Grades K-6 since the beginning of the year. The initiative is now entering the Middle School for grades 7 and 8. Students will work on pre-planned programs during their AA periods in the areas of digital citizenship and keyboarding. This self-paced program does not require teacher over-site, other than having Chromebooks available during students' AA period. Students will need to work on for one AA period per week. You can learn more about by visiting their website HERE

Before we begin, we can discuss the program during your team meetings on Monday.

New Work Order System:

With the school district moving away from Lotus Notes it became necessary to replace our existing work order system for maintenance items. On Monday 8/3/15 we turned on our new work order system, SchoolDude. SchoolDude offers the same functionality as our old system plus much more. This work order system will allow us to properly manage and maintain our properties, facilities and equipment now and in the future.

When you first use SchoolDude you'll need the following:

  • Login
  • Account # - 1709545984
  • Submittal Password - strongsville
  • Please contact Kelly Quinn with any questions!

Scheduled Maintenance Days:

The Maintenance Department has committed to a scheduled "Maintenance Day" in each building, once a month through the end of the school year. Please make sure that work orders are entered into the system prior to our scheduled dates. As always, emergency repairs will be attended to immediately.

Scheduled "Maintenance Days" through December 2015: October 26, November 23, and December 21.

SLO Submissions:

All NEW SLO’s need to be submitted to Jenni Pelko. She does not need the scoring templates. See below:

When Finished with New SLO or Revised SLO

  • SLO Template shared with Jenni

  • SLO Assessment Blueprint/Checklist printed and interoffice mailed to Jenni

  • SLO Pre- and Post-Assessment printed and interoffice mailed to Jenni

  • SLO Post-Assessment Study Guide printed and interoffice mailed to Jenni (if applicable).

ODE Document:

Math staff - please review this linked document from ODE, regarding calculator use, testing dates, math reference sheets for students, and the OCTM conference in October.

Spam Folder:

Please remember to periodically check your spam folder in Gmail. An email from AIR (testing) went out to staff to change their password (those who tested last year) and it is ending up in some teachers’ Spam folders. You will need to do this. (Left hand side of mail, under “more”, then “spam”. Mark it as NOT SPAM and it will go into the teacher’s mailbox as mail).

Recycling Contest Opportunity for Students:

Together with JASON Learning, ISRI The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, has just launched our 3rd annual Youth Recycling Awareness Video & Poster Contest. The theme is Recycling is Bigger than the Bin. Through the contest, students in grades K-12 will be asked to consider how items that are "Bigger than the Bin" are recycled by selecting such an item that includes more than one commodity and finding a way to recycle it – conveying this through either a short video or poster. The submission deadline is December 18, 2015, and the grand prize winners will be recognized at ISRI2016 in Las Vegas next April. ISRI looks to increase student participation across the country, but also to educate our community on the benefits of recycling. To access full contest information, visit the 2015-16 contest page located on JASON Learning’s website. To learn more about ISRI’s partnership with JASON Learning and to view and download the recycling curriculum, tools, and activities we’ve jointly developed, please visit