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The Play and More 2018

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February set the stage for "The Fairy Tale Advice Playbook." The reviews are in and 2nd graders should be very proud of themselves for developing the skills necessary to put on a great show! A great deal of work went into reading, listening, singing, performing, and responding to each other as a team. Many thanks to all of our 2nd grade parents, costume designers, set decorators, "Team Grandma," and support people for contributing to the success of this special group. Bravo, 2nd grade!

Math activities this month have centered around the study of money. Students have been learning about coins, currency, and calculating amounts with decimal points. They have been able to create their own businesses and use hands-on experiences to understand banking, marketing, and setting prices. It's been wonderful to see their enthusiasm and "a-ha" moments as a vibrant classroom economy came to life.

2nd graders have been "traveling" to the South Pole by studying the Shackleton Expedition. Learning about this epic adventure helps them explore weather, temperature, geography, wildlife, and literature written in diary form. Students will be creating their own model of this story of perseverance in the Antarctic (including penguins) on an ice floe.

Other experiences in the past month have included the cast party, Valentine's Day, the 100th Day of School, Sports Day, Pajama Day, a Parent Project, and sharing the rhyming genius of Dr. Seuss on his birthday. Enjoy the pictures of everyone's favorite 2nd graders!

Stay warm and safe in the snow, and have a restful Spring Break.

In partnership,

Mrs. Nyce