JFK Assassination

Maddison Brock

Background Information

November 22, 1963, a day that will always be remembered. Around noon time, while riding through a parade in Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas, President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed. No one really knows how it really happened or what is the correct story to believe. Ever since his passing this topic has become very controversial.
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Media Perspective #1

There are about 52 years of President Kennedy's death conspiracies however there is one that is known to many called the 'Magic Bullet Theory'. It was that a man by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald used just three bullets to kill JFK and also severely wounding Governor John Connally. The Warren Commission - the investigation group of JFK in 1963 - developed the 'single-bullet theory' as an explanation as to how Oswald created so much damage with just three bullets. It was an idea that both of the men were hit with just one single bullet. The theory says that the bullet first entered through JFK's upper back and then exited through the front of his throat. From there, that very same bullet was said to have struck Connally damaging a rib and shattering his wrist, and then finally ended the path in his inner thigh. The strange path of the bullet is what gave this theory the name of the 'Magic Bullet Theory.' Because the bullet is so called magical, it led to another conspiracy that there had to be more than one man involved in the shooting.
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Media Perspective #2

Many were not satisfied with the official version of the story proven by the Warren Commission that lee Harvey Oswald was the only one involved it the killing of JFK. Instead, another popular theory is that the CIA was angry with President Kennedy when they lost their jobs due to failure in the Bay of Pigs mission. Also threatening comments had been made by the president himself such as the one to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds," put a huge target on his back. With that being said, the theory says that since the CIA was extremely frustrated with JFK, they hid themselves all throughout the plaza and they all shot at President Kennedy from various angles killing president Kennedy.
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Media Biases Explained

The Media as you can tell switches up the story in a way in which the Kennedy assassination all went down. No one really knows the exact truth of what actually happened due to the multiple conspiracies, however the media likes to persuade their audience into believing a certain story. Through all the bias and all the different stories being portrayed, I came to a conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald and the CIA were working together on the mission to kill President Kennedy. While Oswald shot from 6 stories high, there was another threat uncover or hiding in the streets of the plaza. The only way for this event to take place was with the assistance of another shooter along with Oswald.

Marxist Criticism

One type of criticism that is apparent in most conspiracies about JFK's assassination is Marxist. We can especially identify this type of criticism in the conspiracy that involved the CIA. Because JFK had power and control over the CIA by taking away their jobs and also threatening to separate the group, could have played a significant role into his death. His actions and control over the group displeased them which ultimately was their reason to kill him.

Historical Criticism

Another type of criticism I have noticed is Historical Criticism. It is historical because there were many stories about the assassination and all with different ideas behind them. Everyone had different thoughts on how the it took place. Still today people are coming up with different theories and writing up their thoughts on the topic. With this being taken place so long ago, a lot has change since then so the stories may be inaccurate.
JFK Assassination Top 10 Conspiracy Theories


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