Welcome to Texas

By: Jordan Gibson

Settling with Texas

Texas is a great place to have a new start , we believe in helping people become better than they already are. Texas is offering affordable land at 12.5 cents per acre. Our land is great for ranching and farming, any family who plans to ranch will receive a sitio (4,428). You also will not have to pay any taxes for 6 years. We realize how the U.S. has very expensive land and goods , and are they really for protecting your rights? We want Texas to be affordable and inexpensive for families trying to settle into Texas. Our religion is very important to us so to settle into to Texas we ask that you pledge your loyalty to Texas and pledge to practice Roman Catholic religion. If any family wishes to settle 100 families into Texas we recieve 4 sitios if done with in amount of time if not done they must give up their rights and leave Texas.
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Texas does not allow:

  1. Drunkards
  2. Gamblers
  3. Idlers

Texas believes in ambition and hard-work we don't allow people who will cause any trouble in our colony or has had a unforgivable past. We believe in keeping our people safe and protecting them from harm and attacks against Texas. We like to emphasize the importance of work and we are open to jobs that will help better Texas.

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