Kevon Smith cx


airfare cost and schedule

I am leaving Denver on Tuesday April 15th at 1:02pm. to Hawaii and its also a multi plane flight and it aslo cost without the txt:

$719 and $732

but with the txt it will be more then $1,000


YES!!! Im navigating to

the one the only Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort is located right on the sandy floor . the resort has many ongoing activities

to do, it has 5 pools

it has many restauraunts and bars, mandara spa,and if your the out doorsy type camping for kid would be the thing for you

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

There are many different problems you could have like if they speak a different language like Spanish , French , and Chinese but in this case Hawaiian there could be a flight delay you could get rebooked and loose bags


I want to go to hawaii and swim in the ocean and there big fat pool and meet the girls and have fun like a boss :D and because it is a beautiful place
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