Ethical Research

By Hailey Heese

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of presenting the words, ideas, images, sound, or the creative expressions of others as your own words.

When you paraphrase you still need to cite

Even though you are re-writing things in your own words, you are still borrowing someone else's ideas. You are still allowed to use other people's work for papers but you must cite the source.

How to cite your sources

Look for the author and page #

Fiind out when it was published and when it was last updated

How to know if a cite is credible or not?

Go to easybib

Go to bibme

Go here for FREE pictures

Ways you can use's other people's work

  1. You can quoting
  2. You can paraphrasing
  3. You can summarizing

Helpful Website Hints

  • "Page title" & site title's are different.
  • Common to have no author. Leave it out.
  • All sites have a publisher. Look for the organization that made the site.
  • Publisher & site title may be the same.
  • If you have to delet the URL up to the .com/.gov/.edu & go back to the homepage.
  • Not all sites have a date. Use "N.D" If they don't

Use a direct quotation

Use the author's exact words in "quotation marks"

Shift + "