Organ Cloning for Transplants

by Chris Orrico and Nick Schimbeno

What is Organ Cloning?

Organ cloning is the act of making exact copes of an organ to be used during transplants. The reason this is done is because there is no better organ to put into your body, than your own. Cloning organs for tansplants today is most commonly achieved through somatic cell nuclear transfer. During this process, the nucleus from a donor egg is replaced with the DNA from the organism meant to be cloned. Organ cloning is usually completed on humans and can have both positive end negative affects on the body physically. If completed successfully, the only sign of negative affects are usually from the surgery itself, but the problem in the replaced organ is fixed. If not completed successfully, the patient is still in danger of whatever problem they were facing in said organ, and also may be sore/damaged from the recent surgery. Economically, this operation is insanely costly. The person completing the operation will be payed money and become extremely wealthy if they are successful, and patients are putting what could be their life savings down to save their life. Ironic, huh? Hospitals that perform organ cloning for transplants can create a radical change in the amount of money they have. Also, whichever country creates the major breakthrough in this field of technology will certainly become rich off of people buying certain supplies off of them. While organ cloning doesn't really affect the environment or people socially, it will effect the future. In the future, the medical field in careers will be advanced along with the technology used within it. But, most of all, people will be able to live longer and have more options when their body is in danger.

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Why Clone Organs for Transplants? Why not?

The benefit of doing this type of surgery is that the wait time for someone in need is greatly reduced, and unknown proteins can possibly be attacked when putting another person's organ into a patients body, causing a harmful reaction. While organ cloning seems safe enough, people believe that there are reasons it should not be done. The process is not always reliable in the first few attempts, which can eventually become costly. A special technique used to extract stem cells in order to clone can be dangerous to the body because it destroys embryos during the process as well.
Organ Cloning Success Story