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Scholars Col. Geva Rapp and Rabbi Zev Karov in residence!

Rabbi Zev Karov and Col. Geva Rapp at The Village!

Saturday, May 3rd, 10:15am

1072 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON, Canada

10:15 Rabbi Zev Karov. "When one says "from the bottom of my heart", what does one mean?"

11:15 Col. Geva Rapp. The miracles of the Gaza War, the lead that was not cast...

Col. Geva Rapp

Geva Rapp – Is a Colonel (Res.) in the I.D.F, having served for 30 years in uniform. Geva was born in '57 in Petach-Tikva, and grew up among the non-religious public. He graduated from a state-secular high-school in '75. Joined the I.D.F. and served in the Paratroop Brigade; discharged from the army first time with the rank of captain (a company commander); saw combat during the First Lebanon War and was wounded twice. Reenlisted in the IDF, serving 18 years and rising to the rank of Colonel. His command positions during this time included battalion commander, infantry officers course commander, company and battalion commander-course commander, and chief of the infantry and paratroop doctrine. Appointed manager of fighting of the Gaza Strip Division in 2008, and was as a Colonel in the reserve forces of the I.D.F. when Appointed 3rd in command of the Cast Lead operation in Gaza.

Col. Rapp Studied at Machon Meir and Mercaz Harav Yeshiva, Jerusalem (during this period gradually became religious), and is considered one of the most wanted scholars there today.

Col. Rapp holds a BA in the Middle East studies (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) and an MBA (Manchester University, Israel branch).

Today Col. Rapp is running the national Panim-el-Panim Jewish spirit and Jewish unity movement which works with over 100,000 soldiers and commanders of the IDF. Besides from giving hundreds of lectures all across Israel.

Rabbi Zev Karov

Rabbi Karov is one of the most sought for scholars in Israel in the field of Emunah and Torat Harav Kook. He is the author of several books, one of them is the famous Emunah book Da Ma Shetashiv Le'atzmecha, and another is the best seller Balevav Penimah, which was recently translated to English (Deep In Heart). Rabbi Karov's Shiurim are broadcasted in a number of internet channels, as well as on the new Tchelet TV.

Deep In The Heart is a book about the miraculous recovery of his son Lt. Aharon Karov after critically injured at Cast Lead operation with 0 chances of staying alive.

Rabbi Karov taught in numerous Yeshivot and also performed as a Rosh Yeshiva for many years. He recently left his position as Rosh Yeshiva in order to engage with Keruv in Israel full time, and today runs the largest Keruv program in the Israeli educational system.

Both Rabbi Karov and his son will be speaking at the Mizrachi main event for Yom Haatzmaut on May 5th.


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