The people in the hospital are sick with Ebola I feel bad. Natrally you are supposed to quarantine yourself for 21 days. People are figuring out that Ebola has no cure you just have to wait it out, and they are also figuring out that it has many symtoms. The last thing that people have figured out is that it is harder to get than you think.

Most people have been wondering where Ebola is coming from? Scientist have figured out that Ebola is coming from west and east Africa and has moved all the way across the U.S. . It is also moving to some parts of Asia. People have also been wondering if they get Ebola what are the symtoms? The symtoms of Ebola are high fever,head ache, joint and muscle aches, sore throat, weakness, stomach pain, and lack of appetite.

Scientist have figured out what most people have been wanting to know. What