Welcome to Journalism: Quarter 4

What we will do and How we will do it

Using Edmodo

Throughout our class we will be using Edmodo to check assignments and upload our responses to the assignments. Edmodo acts much like Facebook, therefore it offers us the ability to comment on each other's work and tell one another what we enjoyed about their product. Edmodo is also a closed network - meaning that the only people who have access to our class's page our the people who I give the group access code to. This means that no one else can see what we do. So not only does it allow us to work together, but it allows us to keep our work private.

The Major Assignments

Every other week we will tackle a new medium of journalism, resulting in you creating your very own news sample. You will then turn in each assignment through Edmodo.

You will:

1) Write a restaurant review about a local restaurant (150-200 words)

2) Create a photojournalism essay about one of your favorite aspects of Taiwan (5 pictures)

3) Write an investigative report about a school event (200-300 words)

4) Create a persuasive podcast about a school issue that you feel strongly towards (2-3 minutes)

5) Write a feature story based around an interview story documenting a major life event of a classmate. (200-300 words)

Reading the News

Along with the major assignments, every day we have class one student will be responsible for posting a recent news article that they found to be highly interesting. They will not only post the article, but they will provide a brief 2-3 sentence explanation about why they think every student in class should read the article

Pace and Schedule

We will spend roughly 2 weeks on each assignment. The first week will be spent introducing the basic skills of the assignment and the next week will be spent creating the assignment. The only exception will be the photo essay that will be a standing assignment throughout quarter 4 and will be do on the final day of class.


The very last note about this class is that it is an elective, which means that we are trying to explore a new topic without the pressure of grades or homework. Therefore, there will be no homework in this class and their will be no grades. I will comment on the assignments you turn in, but I will not put a point value on anything.

This being an elective class all I can ask of you is for you to do your best. In order to learn about journalism you have to do journalism, meaning that you must engage in each assignment in order to gain any benefit.

If you are late with an assignment, I will contact your parents. And if by the end of the quarter you have not turned in all 5 assignments, then you will not pass the class.

What is Journalism?

We defined journalism as informing the public about information that is useful to their lives. This means that journalism can take on many different forms: newspaper writing, photography, or even podcasting. We will cover all of these mediums in this class in hopes that we will all become better informed about what makes quality journalism and how we can take part in the world around us.

Mr. Lindert