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By: COrtheye Lindsey

what foodborne illness and how can they be provented

•The only Foodborne illness that can be caused by eggs is Salmonella and you can easy prevent this by making sure to thouly cook all eggs

How to buy eggs

•What grades and sizes do they come in?

Eggs can come in AA, A, B and and the sizes are Pewe, small, medium, large and Extra Large

•Which one is better?

It depends one the cost and the preference of the eggs

How should eggs be stored and for how long?

Eggs should be stored in a refrigerated area with constant temperatures and they should last 4-6 weeks

What properties can eggs be used for eggs

Eggs can be used for coating, thicken, binding and leveling

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What are some of the different ways eggs can be cooked?

Eggs come be cooked in many different ways such as sunny side up, over easy, hard boiled, scrambled, eggs Benedict, deviled eggs, birds nest, poached eggs and custard.

What are some good substitutes for eggs and what reasons would someone not want to eat eggs?

Some good substitutions are egg whites, egg beaters and some reasons that people do not eat eggs are they can raise your cholesterol.

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What nutrients and health benefits are found in eggs? Include a nutritional facts label and discuss the healthy vs. unhealthy nutrients found on the label.

Eggs contain every vitamin except for vitamin C and are very high in vitamin A

Tips and Tricks – include some interesting helpful hints for eating and/or working with eggs.

•When working with hard boiled eggs after cook place eggs into a bowl of ice water and let them cool for 5-10 minutes and then carefully crackeg egg shell