Newsletter-Nov. 16-20, 2015

Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Reim

Please visit my webpage for more information-

Look under the NEWSLETTER tab to find "view" or "downloads" of the spelling word list, the spelling dictation sentences, the xtra math pins, and the RAZ kids login cards.

For xtra math website, students use my email:, then use the pin number from the download.

A note from Mrs. Wells

Green Day Event this Thursday!

Time 12:15-12:45 PM

Location: 4th grade neighborhood and 4th grade classrooms

Please come to celebrate the learning of your child. We are so proud of them!

Since we've invited guests, we would like the students to dress up to make a good impression.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Students collaborating to research their energy-

Our guest list...

Math Homework

1. Students have online and PAPER homework this week. Mrs. Reim gave them a homework paper on Friday. Let me know if it didn't make it home. I have scanned a copy of this page if students would like to print it, or open the download and complete it on notebook paper.

2. 30 minutes of Prodigy Game-we've added math challenges practicing this week that include:

*multiplication of 2-digit by 2-digit with missing steps

*complete steps for multiplying 2-digit by 1 digit

3. Students need to also spend 15 minutes practice facts using the site


*I am moving digital diary entries to an IN CLASS assignment due to the fact that many students are unable to complete this assignment at home. We will write the entries on Monday at school. I encourage you to look online at the diary entries the students write to support them with idea development along with grammar skills.

2. RAZ Kids, students need to spend at least 45 minutes reading and taking a quiz from their bookroom. I am raising the amount of time students spend working with RAZ Kids.


Spelling Words (Unit 12) are focused on the spelling pattern VCCV. As the students study the words, remind them that the syllable breaks between the two consonants. Also, a helpful spelling rule is that each syllable must have a vowel.

Spelling words and sentence dictation are downloads on my website.

1. Starting this week, students need to write the sentence dictation on notebook paper practicing neat handwriting as a homework assignment. We will feature 5 students who exhibit nice handwriting. Students may use manuscript or cursive.

Social Studies

Social Studies has taken a back seat due to our work on the energy project this week.


Students may work on a 3-d model or drawing featuring an innovation added to their renewable energy.