Shakti Yoga for Self Expression

Shakti Yoga for Self Expression

Tuesday, Sep. 20th, 7-8pm

900 Wesley Pl SW


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Join WithLoveDC for a workshop lead by Rimi Basu! Shakti Yoga for Self ExpressionTM is yoga for YOU - This transformative practice helps unlock creativity and self-reliance through exploration and honoring of our individual bodies and minds. It is yoga of self-expression and improvisation, through which we learn to rely on our body and instincts to guide us through the practice, rather than rigidly set sequences presented by instructors. In the beginning of the class, a combination of asana and vinyasa drived from Tantra Hatha Yoga, as well as God and Goddess dance poses are presented, which will help us feel and tune in to the places of tension in our bodies. From there, we take the reins to move in ways that feel right and natural to the body in the moment. These may not always be the poses that are seen on magazine covers, but they can be the most effective poses for dissolving tension.

Rimi Basu

Rimi Basu, an Indian-American pop singer, represents a unique and versatile addition to the music industry. An ex-medical school student who defied Indian-American societal expectations to run away to India and become a musician, she has since completed two music albums and toured around the world with her unique artistic vision. Trained in Indian classical music and dance from a young age, as well as an accomplished belly dancer, her unique selling proposition is the combination of both music and dance in her live performances.

Rimi has now found herself back in the United States to propagate her unique brand of Indian fusion through forming a world music and dance collective called Shakti. Her goal has been and will continue to be increasing appreciation for Indian music and culture through unique and experimental fusion with Western styles. A talented and dynamic singer and dancer of various styles, ranging from Indian classical to R&B and pop, her unique brand of cultural fusion engages and intrigues a broad range of listeners. Her trademark style of blending Indian and belly dance with vocals in her performances has kept audiences in awe worldwide. She is also quite possibly one of the most adventurous Indian-Americans raised in the USA.