My Digital Dossier :

Mahnoor Waseem

You are probably wondering what is a digital dossier ?

so let me explain you what digital dossier is , it is your digital presence on social media , it can be before your birth maybe your mother and father emailed your picture or posted it on some kind of social platform and the things you shared around your lifetime and also things that are present or your relatives will post after your dead .

When did my digital presence started (an overview ) :

My digital presence started when my ultrasound etc were saved on computers when I was born my weight,height etc were added the information and then my birth certificate that was made in the hospital and then the government official birth certificate which they made after a month, Facebook was made after an year and my parents didn't really use social media. In year 2005 i got my passport and then in 2009 my parents created Facebook and so they posted lots of pictures that they then deleted , I made an email account that you need o make a Facebook account that i created in 2011 and then i deleted it and after that in 2013 I created an Instagram account and now i also have a snapchat.
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Negative impacts

If we look at the negative impacts we can that any one can get an information about you, in 10 years if you go for your job interviwe they will check your facebook, instagram or any social media account so one should be very careful about what he/she posts andthats why we are bejng teached in school what to post ad what not to.