Vulcanization of Rubber

A Creation by Charles Goodyear

The invention of better Rubber

One day in 1839, Charles Goodyear he spilled Rubber and Sulfur in a potbelly pan and it didn't melt this made the rubber unsticky and it wouldn't get brittle (Originally India Rubber when hot became sticky, when cold becomes brittle). He discovered that heat mixture of Sulfur and Rubber was needed to make a Rubber process. It took him 5 years to actually make the Patent Product.

Benefits, Now and Then, How has it evolved?

The Vulcanization of Rubber benefited many people. First of all, it benefited the people who used rubber in there every day lives by making the Elastic state stronger. By adding Sulfur, the Elastic Materials were easily bound together inside of the Rubber/Sulfur mix. therefore, the Rubber wouldn't melt or lose its shape when hot or get sticky while cold. So today, Rubber is basically perfect because it isn't sticky and it doesn't melt.

The way Charles Goodyear patented Rubber, led to the creations of many other Rubber like processes such as Neoprene, Silicon and Latex.

How the Vulcanization of Rubber works: