Cluster 5

Weekly Schedule, Assignments and News

HISTORY AND SCIENCE - Check-in once, stay for both lessons!


Ms. Morris and Ms. Willoughby will be running classes back to back in the same time slot.

You will check in to science between 12:55 and 1:05 with FULL NAME and YUR FACE VISIBLE at the beginning of class so we can confirm it is you! Once the class begins at 1:05, you may not be allowed to enter.

Then stay for both lessons and participate appropriately by speaking and/or typing questions and answers into the chat. Attendance and participation count for credit.



  • Attend Zooms on MONDAY
  • Attend FRIDAY Homeroom
  • Attend Specials (PE/ART/TECH/DRAMA/HEALTH)
  • Check your email
  • Check Google Classroom
  • Submit your work on time


  • Sign in with your full name and turn on your camera to say "hi" to your teachers so we KNOW you are there!
  • Have your materials available for your zoom (paper, pencil, book, etc.)
  • Be attentive, focused and respectful to yourself and your teacher
  • * We are available starting at 10 daily (TUESDAY< WEDNESDAY< THURSDAY AND FRIDAY) so come to drop in and ask your question, get help/support!

This week's schedule is a COOL GREEN

4 more weeks! - work hard and finish strong!


We have about four weeks left before summer vacation, and we will be continuing to encourage students to keep their focus on their learning as new content is being taught and our expectations are high. If students have any questions at all, they should reach out to their teachers or guidance counselor. We are all here to support them both academically and with any social-emotional issues, they may have.
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Week of MAY 11 - 15

Hey, Cluster 5 -We have been having GREAT attendance to our Zooms, but we can do better... help to get EVERYONE to attend! How cool would it be to be able to brag about Cluster 5?!?!

Progress reports are coming out Friday, May 8th.

Work is expected to be completed on time - that being said, if you are struggling with any of your work, advocate for yourself and reach out to teachers. We are happy to Zoom with you to assist you in clarifying assignments, re-teaching/reviewing concepts, etc.

Course Verification Sheets - Check your email! - OLD NEWS - BUT DID YOU DO IT????

You all should have received the following message:

Hello XXX,

Preliminary course requests for the 2020-2021 school year, based on teacher recommendations as of April 17th, have been loaded in PowerSchool and are now available through the Student Portal. A link to the portal, as well as your individual credentials, are below.

Student: XXX
Portal URL:

After logging in, click on the "Class Registration" option in the lefthand "Navigation" bar to view your current requests. These need to be accessed through a web browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.), not the PowerSchool mobile app.

By April 29, please complete the Elective Selection Google Form (sent to you via email). We'll be inputting these requests in early May. We will inform you when those requests have been updated and you are able to view all your course requests for the 2020-21 school year in PowerSchool.

Your complete list of requests will be reviewed by your guidance counselor to ensure you are on track with your graduation requirements and credits. If you have questions about current course recommendations, please begin by speaking with your current teachers. If you have general questions about the course selection process, please contact your guidance counselor or visit the resources at:

The Virtual Program of Studies Nights videos are online at:

For information about our NEW Chapter 74 Engineering Technology Pathway, visit

If you are having trouble accessing the PowerSchool Portal with your username and password, please contact Linda Tracy (

Be well,

Shirley Lundberg, WHS Principal
Adrienne Eaton, Lead Guidance Counselor

Family Technology Support

Do you have technology-related questions? Email Ms. maroniwagner so that the Digital Learning & IT team can help address your questions. Please join us for the Family Educational Technology Support Sessions.

Link to Zoom tutorials

Want to learn how to Zoom?


Monday, April 27th, 11am to Tuesday, June 16th, 1pm

50 Columbia Street

Watertown, MA

Meals will be served Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the faculty parking lot at the high school. If you are not able to pick up at that time send an email to

Art Lessons!

Check out Ms. Stern's art lessons that anyone (regardless of if they have art this term or not) is welcome to check out on the distance learning page:

**That also has the Google Classroom Codes for Students to join the Google Classroom of their Grade if they want MORE art options.

WMS Virtual Library

The WMS Virtual Library Has Been Updated!

  • Need help finding a book? Have a tech question? Just want to chat? Come hang out with Ms. Maroni-Wagner during Virtual Library Drop-In Hours! Every Tuesday & Thursday, 12:30-1:30 pm.
  • Want to start a book club, or read a book with your friends? In the Other eBooks & Audiobooks section are several websites that have eBooks/audiobook titles, do not require an account, and allow simultaneous checkouts (everyone could read the same book, at the same time)!
  • An alternative to reading an eBook or audiobook is listening to a podcast! Go to the Really Cool Podcasts section for podcasts recommended for middle schoolers. Each podcast episode is between roughly 10 and 18 minutes long.

As always, if you are having trouble finding a book or have a tech question, feel free to reach out to Ms. Maroni-Wagner at

Social and Emotional Learning

AT HOME RESOURCES FOR STUDENTS AND PARENTS/GUARDIANS SEL is how children and adults learn to understand and manage emotions, set goals, show empathy for others, establish positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.