St Peter's Primary School

Friday 15th September 2023

Through the Holy Spirit, Pope Francis said,

"Christ himself is present in us and takes form in our lives.

Through us, he is the one -- listen carefully -- he is the one who prays, forgives,
spreads hope and consolation, serves our brothers and sisters,
draws close to the needy
and the least, creates unity and sows peace."

Message from the Principal

PRE PRIMARY – YEAR 6 ATHLETICS CARNIVAL - On Thursday 12 October, our Pre Primary to Year 6 classes will participate in our St Peter’s Primary School Athletics Carnival held at Noranda Sporting Complex. This year is the first time that our Pre Primary students will be joining the “big” school to participate in their events. We are excited to have them join us for the first half of the day! From Tuesday to Thursday next week, students will participate in Athletics Trials in preparation for the carnival.

Please see Sports News in this newsletter and Seesaw for your child/ren’s allotted trial day. Full Sports Uniform is to be worn on this day.

We would like to extend an invitation to all grandparents to join us for a morning at the school on Friday 13 October (Week One, Term Four) from

10:15-11:00am. Grandparents are a huge part of our community, and we would like to acknowledge the role our grandparents play in our students’ lives and the unconditional love they have for family. Classroom doors will be open at 10:15am for grandparents to visit the classroom and to collect their grandchild/ren for morning tea.

Coffee, tea and biscuits will be provided for grandparents; however, if grandparents wish to share a special treat with their grandchildren, they are welcome to bring a treat from home or families may like to provide some extra morning tea in their child’s lunch boxes for grandparents to share. We are an allergy aware school and ask that you are mindful not to bring food containing nuts. We also ask that grandparents please bring suitable seating for themselves (as only limited seating will be provided).
Grandparents of children in Kindy and Pre Primary are welcome to take their grandchild out to join older siblings for morning tea, but we ask that they remain with those children and walk them back to their classroom teacher at 11am.
We do hope that many grandparents can join us for this very special morning. Please note if your child does not have a grandparent who is able to attend, we welcome families to invite a treasured caregiver to attend, this includes: Godparents, aunts, uncles, neighbours and more!

Thank you to our amazing P&F for your contribution to World Teachers’ Day! On Friday 27 October 2023, our P&F will be thanking and acknowledging the hard work and dedication of all St Peter’s staff with a coffee van and morning tea.

KINDY – YEAR 6 END OF YEAR CONCERT - I am pleased to announce that this year we have moved our Kindy-Year 6 Christmas Concert from a Friday daytime event to an End of Year Concert on a Thursday evening. Our End of Year Concert will be held on

Thursday 30 November, so please save this date in your diary. As per previous years, our
Pre-Kindy class will have their own end of year celebration in their classroom.
An evening concert will mean that all working parents will be able to attend, as well as the invitation being extended to grandparents and loved ones. It also means that this is a whole school event, where all our families will be able to watch all children participate in the one concert.
All details regarding the concert (including timing, parking, seating etc) and will be communicated via the newsletter at the start of next term. We are looking forward to seeing all our families there to celebrate another amazing year at St Peter’s Primary School!

Thursday 21 September is the final day of term for our students. I would like to wish all our families a safe and enjoyable break! We look forward to welcoming everyone back to school on Monday 9 October in summer uniform.

Have a fabulous holiday!

Courtney Caputi


Building Biz - Term 3 - Week 9

On Monday 11 September, a temporary a fence line was established around the lower oval. As mentioned in the last newsletter, over the school holidays, the Leadership Team will adjust the timetables and rosters to ensure at the beginning of Term Four all students have adequate play space during the building process. Our plan is for students to remain on site for recess and lunch breaks.

Please remember that the lower oval gate is no longer in use, so for drop off and pick up please enter via the cross walk on Wood Street or use the Salisbury Street entry.

The temporary fencing currently on the oval is to allow for the construction offices, vehicles, and equipment to ensure the safety or all our students. The Early Childhood build will not be extended to the same point as this temporary fencing. In the drawing below, the orange highlighted area indicates the new building shadow and an area for pavement and line markings for additional play areas, such as four square.

Whilst during the build our oval space is being restricted, once the construction has been completed and student move into their new classrooms and the current Early Childhood block is demolished, our playground footprint will return to the same playground space as prior to construction.

Given the current building climate it is extremely hard to confirm a specific time frame for the build. At this point in time, the aim is to have students into the new Early Childhood space in 2025.

For any information related to the build, please continue to refer to this “Building Biz” section of the newsletter. In this section you will be informed of all the details related to the build and receive updates regarding the progress. For those people unable to view the progress of the build in person, please click the link below to watch a time lapse video from this week.

Big picture


Assistant Principal RE News

ALTAR SERVING TRAINING - Calling all St Peter’s students who have completed their First Holy Communion! You are invited to join the Altar Serving Ministry at our Parish Church. Only one hour once a month (even less the more who sign up!) is required to help support St Peter’s the Apostle Parish and get to have your chance to participate at Mass in a different way.

A training session will be held on Sunday 17 September in the Church from 3.30pm until 4.30pm.
To rsvp, email Renee Bennett
We hope to see you there!
Renee Bennett

CONFIRMATION - This weekend, we have our Sacrament of Confirmation Masses. We are extremely blessed to have
Bishop Don Sproxton as the main celebrant for this special occasion. A huge thank you to our Year Six teachers for preparing the children for the Sacrament, and to
Marina Tassone for all her hard work as the Sacramental
Co-ordinator. Please keep all the Confirmation candidates in your prayers.

Office News

If your child/ren will not be returning to St Peter's in 2024 (not current Year 6 students), please email Liz Cunningham to advise -

Merit Certificates Week 9 - 15/09/23

PPB Alexander Lapelms / Evie Mak

PPM Kyra Chhabra / Ariyan Sayed

PPW Archie Graham / Noah Power

1B Samuel Binetti

1M Nathan Ozanne

1W Hunter Aldridge

2B Giulia Philpott / Xander Cross

2M Emilia Fazari / Lucas deGraff

2W Sofia Rogan Ovalle / Leila Evans / Melania Nardelli

3B Arabella Vennitti / Oliver Wilson

3M Gethsemane Mansaray

3W Kassia Parrella

4B Nancy Srsen / Christian Smerilli Benitez

4M Evia Gatsoulis

4W Koa Graham

5B Luca Pietropaolo / Monica King

5M Jack Matusik / Coby Fogliani / Jackson Poh

5W Chelsea McLean / Adele Toh / Benjamin Dawes / Nikolas Diodato

6B Lola Day / Sam Rybarczyk / Jude Haidar

6M Lachlan Dowson / Jasper Dickson / Scott Olszewski

6W Nicholas Ciffolilli

Person of the Week - 15/09/23

ELISE COLLINS - PRE PRIMARY MAROON - Elise, everything about you is amazing! When given the task of selecting a Junior Person of the Week, you were the first person who came to mind. To celebrate you, I have created an acrostic poem in your honour.

E is for Excellent - Elise, you are always an excellent friend to everyone in our Pre Primary class. You are consistently kind, caring and you look out for those around you. Whenever there is someone feeling a bit lost, who needs a friend or isn't sure of what to do, you are there helping them.

L is for Listener - Elise, you are an outstanding listener in

Pre Primary. You are always paying attention to whichever teacher is talking and you ensure that you understand what it is that you need to do. You actively listen to your peers and carefully consider what they have to say.

I is for Independent - Elise, you can always be relied upon to work independently when we are completing our learning tasks. You display confidence and eagerness when you are learning, and you take your time making sure all your work is completed to the very best of your ability.

S is for Super Smile - Elise, your bright smile brings happiness to everyone who sees it. Your bubbly personality helps to make our classroom a fun place to be. When you smile, it lightens the hearts of those around you.

E is for Enthusiastic - Elise, you are enthusiastic participant in our Pre Primary class. You willingly attempt all learning tasks with a positive, can-do attitude. You never let the worry of making a mistake get in the way of giving things a try and you embrace all the aspects of

Pre Primary life.

Elise, if there was ever a rainbow of TRUE, it is you! Thank you for helping to make PPM an amazing place. Congratulations on being the Junior Person of the Week!

ALEXIS MEAGHER - FOUR MAROON - Congratulations to
Alexis Meagher, our Senior Person of the Week! Alexis, you embody kindness, caring, hard work, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to doing your best in everything you take on.

Your positive attitude and infectious enthusiasm make you a shining example for both your peers and the school community. Alexis, your kindness knows no bounds. You are consistently going out of your way to help your classmates and teachers, offering support, encouragement, and a listening ear to anyone in need. What sets you apart Alexis, is your determination and commitment to excellence.

In the face of challenges, you persevere, demonstrating resilience which inspires those around you. You consistently set high standards for yourself, pushing the boundaries of what you can achieve each day.

As Dr Seuss once said, "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” This quote aims to encourage you even more Alexis to use your intelligence and determination, and you will continue to accomplish amazing things. Alexis, you truly embody the spirit of our school community. You are a ray of sunshine, a source of inspiration, and a testament to the power of kindness, hard work, and positivity.

We are proud to recognise you as our Senior Person of the Week and celebrate your remarkable contributions to our school and beyond.

Congratulations, Alexis!

Music News

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Sports News

YEARS 1 - 6 RUNNING TRIALS - As we gear up for our exciting Athletics Carnival in Term 4 on Thursday 12th October, we want to inform you about our running trials taking place next week in Week 10.

Please take note of the trial days for each year group:

  • Year 1: Wednesday 20th September
  • Year 2: Tuesday 19th September
  • Year 3: Wednesday 20th September
  • Year 4: Thursday 21st September
  • Year 5: Thursday 21st September
  • Year 6: Tuesday 19th September

To ensure everyone is ready to participate, kindly ensure your child wears their full sports uniform on their designated trial day.

TINY TOTS TENNIS - A big shout out to Anthony and the Tiny Tots Tennis team for a fantastic day of Tennis fun on Monday 28th August with our Kindy and Year 2 students! They had a blast learning new skills.
For those interested, Tiny Tots Tennis offers a free trial lesson and conducts holiday clinics every morning during the school holidays. It's a great chance for your child to explore Tennis in a fun and engaging way. 🎾😊

FIELD EVENTS CARNIVAL - We are thrilled to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our Year 3-6 students at our recent Throws and Jumps Carnival!

Despite some challenging weather conditions, our young athletes showcased incredible sportsmanship and pride throughout the event.

A huge thank you goes out to our amazing parent community who braved four seasons in one day to support our talented students.

Finally, we extend our gratitude to our dedicated staff members whose hard work and commitment ensured the day ran smoothly. Your passion for nurturing our students' talents is truly commendable.

We couldn't be more proud of our students and the teamwork displayed by our school community.

Please see below our photo gallery!

Tournament of Minds

On Saturday 2nd September, seven amazing Year 6 students participated in the Tournament of Minds competition. The sensational seven presented their long-term performance in front of judges, parents and teachers at Edith Cowan University in Joondalup.
Their long-term performance was created over 6 weeks, where students attended practice before school and during their lunchtimes to solve a problem that not only used their critical and creative thinking skills, but also their ability to perform in front of an audience. The group also had to take part in a spontaneous problem, where they were given a short timeframe of
4 minutes to respond to a unique and puzzling question.
The students did St Peter’s very proud and delivered an excellent performance in both their long-term and spontaneous problem.

Congratulations to Jacob Tan, Samuel Rybarczyk, Shamilyz Yu Jia Cheong, Aaliyah Franchina, Philip Marinucci, Eva Guardione & Sophia May!

Julia O’Meara

Thank you

Here’s a cool fact for you:
This year’s Graduating class is the first cohort at St Peter’s to have had Mario’s Pizza all the way from Kindy to Year 6!!! We are so grateful for the opportunity to help bring a smile to so many children’s faces, and to become a part of their Primary School memories!

We are also now employing past St Peter’s students that remember eating Mario’s Pizza when they were in their senior years at St Peter’s!

We look forward to continuing to work with St Peter’s well into the future!

Once again thank you very much for this order and your continued support of our family business.


Mario Franchina.

St Peter's Dads Golf Day

Young Engineers After School Club

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Uniform Shop News

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P&F News

To purchase your Entertainment Book please click

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Community News

  • AUSSIE HOOPS BASKETBALL - invite you to come and join them! For more information, please contact Jess Ellis on 0447 299 306.
  • JOEY SOCCER - Joey Soccer is a fun and non-competitive program that runs for children in Kindy to Year 3. It is less about soccer and more about developing friendships, social skills and exercise. For more information, please visit
  • AUSTRALIAN SPORTS CAMP - 3 day school holiday sports camps! - For more information, please call 1300 914 368 or email
  • BAYSWATER WAVES SWIMMING LESSONS - Join us by contacting Swim School on 9276 6538 or visit
  • VACSWIM - Enrolments are now open for VacSwim swimming lessons during the summer school holidays. VacSwim offers fun lessons at beach or pool locations. They are a great school holiday activity and they teach valuable safety skills to help keep your child safe in the water. Enrol at
  • SCITECH SCHOOL HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS - For more information, please visit - School Holiday Workshops | Discovery Centre | Telethon Kids
  • WAFFA - Developing Female Football in WA - Registration is now open for our Future Stars 2-day Super Clinic which will be running during the September school holidays. This time we’ll also be at the home of the West Coast Eagles! Registration Link -
  • BRICKS4KIDZ - Spring School Holiday Workshops. For more information, please visit
  • YOUNG ENGINEERS AND ROBOTICS CAMP - will be taking place on 26 & 27 September from 9am - 3.30pm. To book, click
  • ATHENA CALISTHENICS CLUB - Come and give it a try with two free classes - Call or text Brooke on 0422 487 930. Email

  • DREAM OF SUNSHINE SPONSORSHIP - KC Events will be hosting a Dream of Sunshine Gala Ball at the Hyatt Hotel, Perth on 4th November. KC Events is championing this event to help raise awareness for bowel cancer. All proceeds from this incredible night will be donated directly to Bowel Cancer Australia in support of the great work they do. Please click here for more details -

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