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Today, the media is a persuasive tool to allow us to stay in constant communication with the different social, political and economic developments both nationally and internationally. When you are looking for a lay to promote a business, IntelligentHQ is an innovation social business network that specializes in providing intelligence, education for professional’s businesses both startups and corporations. Our Company Provides Social Media Business Trends and Consulting Service.

IntelligentHQ is a leading Social Intelligence network, specializing in progress and execution of the business. Prior to Social Intelligence is an enterprise software company, which focus on creating web-based applications for insurance companies. We are able to generate the most effective, efficient and appropriate innovative solutions to each business requesting our support. Our team understand your business and thus create a website solely and exclusively for your business. We provide effective Business Intelligence Tools for those who want to enter the exciting adventure of creating a startup or participate in its capital as an inverter.

This is a best platform that provides digital business insights to develop your business and management. The platform provides on one hand the possibility for entrepreneurs to find financing for their projects, and secondly, the opportunity to invest in them to investors. Our social media management and consulting experts assist you in growing your business. If you are an entrepreneur, you will have to know how you should adapt your activity to get really a business with a future. Check out the website to make your social media marketing.
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