The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Book and Movie

________The Movie VS. The Book__________

The Book

- Bruno gets smuel food from the fridge

- only invited hitler to the new house for dads promotion

-gets lice

-bruno listens to his parents while they were arguing

-mother says she will take the credit for helping bruno to pavel so father doesn't get mad

The Movie

- brunon gets smuel food from a basket sitting on the table

- had a party for hid promotion

-doesn't get lice

-bruno stays in his sisters room while their parents are arguing

-only says thank you to pavel


-Bruno got hurt on the tire swing and Pavel helped him

-The tutor is more strict in the movie

-Pavel was a doctor

-Gretel likes Lieutenant Kotler

-Bruno sneaks out of the window in the shed

The Holocaust

Adolf Hitler ( Germany's leader in 1933-1941 ) started the Holocaust. He decided that Germany only should have Germans in it so he decided to get rid of all Jews by sending them to concentration camps. So he started slowly and quietly by having his soldier go through the street and collecting the Jews and putting them on a train that took them to a concentration camp and having the Jews work for them. He had his solders watch them to make sure the Jews didn't escape. After Hitler died ( from suicide) all of the Holocaust stopped.
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