UUFC Strategic Plan

The Board of Trustees will be taking the steps next month to craft the UUFC Strategic Plan and we invite you to be a part of the process. On June 3rd a group met to discuss steps and timetables to involve our leaders and membership, and to get us a working document that will guide our future.

Phase 1 Defining Mission and Vision

Our immediate task is to convene a group to examine and update the Mission statement on our website. At the same meeting we also want to prepare a Vision Statement, drawing on the vision document prepared in 2008 about what we would look like in 2018.

Please tell us which dates you are free to join us:

Sat, July 11th 9-12 noon

or Sat July 18th 9-12noon

Phase 2 Defining Goals

Our second task is to convene a group to determine goals. We want to have a plan for how we will move forward over the next 5-10 years. These goals will help guide budgeting and programming decisions from year to year.

Please tell us which dates you are free to join us:

Sat. Aug 8 9-12 noon

or Sat. Aug 15th 9-12 noon

Our meetings will be facilitated by Kathleen Woodard from the Strom Thurmond Institute, and coordinated by President-elect Ginny Loy. You can attend either or both of the sessions. There will also be opportunities for electronic feedback. We hope you can be part of the process in person.

Please respond to Ginny Loy at ginnyloy@yahoo.com regarding your availability by Monday, June 15.