Forest Biome

Jason Persohn


The deciduous forest forest biome is located between the polar region and the tropics region. Because of their location it air masses from the both of them cold polar region and the tropic region contributes the climate of the biome. They are location in eastern half of the United States, some in Canada, Europe there part of Russia china and Japan

General characteristics

Deciduous biome has four seasons of winter spring summer and fall. Animals and plants

Have special adaptions to cope with these yearly changes. They loose there leaves in the fall and grow them back in th spring all b-e-a-u tiful.

Weather, Climate, and Precipitation

The weather is more associated with warmer and humid climate. The average rainfall is 30 to 60 inches of rain each year. That a lot of rain that would flood my whole in tire house


There is a lot of animals in the deciduous forest like mountain lions, bobcats, timberwolves,

Coyotes natural residents in the deciduous forest. And birds, insects, reptile, and etc.

Humans are eliminateing these animals by shooting them and killing them and by threat

by Human life.


Trees and plants have special adaptions to survive this biome. deciduous trees are trees are rather then pine needles. Each year deciduous trees loose there leaves and also grow back. The warmer spring days signal to the trees so they can grow their leaves back.

Human impact

Human impact is bad in the forest they kill animals such as coyotes, timberwolves, mountain lion etc. they also cut down a lot of trees for lumber and paper and all that good