Driving directions to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Palestine, TX

1. Head southwest on Avenue A toward N Sycamore St

230 ft

2. Turn left onto N Sycamore St

39 ft

3. Take the 1st right onto U.S. 287 N/Farm-To-Market Rd 322/W Spring St

Continue to follow U.S. 287 N/W Spring St

3.6 mi

4. Turn left onto U.S. 287 N

52.1 mi

5. Turn right to merge onto I-45 N

17.8 mi

6. Take exit 247 to merge onto U.S. 287 Ntoward Waxahachie Ft Worth

51.8 mi

7. Merge onto I-20 W

0.9 mi

8. Keep right to continue on U.S. 287 N, follow signs for I-820 N/Downtown Ft Worth

0.5 mi

9. Continue onto I-820 N

1.0 mi

10. Keep left to continue on U.S. 287 N, follow signs for Downtown/Ft Worth

6.7 mi

Take the exit onto I-35W N/U.S. 287 N/US-377 N toward D/FW Airport

Continue to follow I-35W N/U.S. 287 N

8.8 mi

12. Take exit 60 to merge onto U.S. 287 N/US-81 N toward Decatur

Continue to follow U.S. 287 N

103 mi

13. Keep right to stay on U.S. 287 N

2.6 mi

14. Continue onto I-44 E

2.5 mi

15. Take exit 3A on the left toward US-287 N/Vernon/Amarillo

0.6 mi

16. Merge onto U.S. 287 N

211 mi

17. Take the ramp on the left onto I-40 W/U.S. 287 N

7.8 mi

18. Take exit 70 to merge onto U.S. 287 N/US-60 E/S Buchanan St toward US-87 N/Downtown

Continue to follow U.S. 287 N

36.4 mi

19. Take the Farm to Market 1913/TX-354ramp

0.3 mi

20. Turn left onto Farm to Market 1913/Ranch Rd 1913/TX-354 W

Continue to follow TX-354 W

21.3 mi

21. Turn right onto US-385 N/Rock Island Ave

Continue to follow US-385 N

29.6 mi

22. Continue onto US-87 N/Railroad St

Continue to follow US-87 N

Entering New Mexico

127 mi

23. Turn right to merge onto I-25 N

Entering Colorado

61.2 mi

24. Take exit 52 toward Gardner W/Westcliffe

0.2 mi

25. Turn left toward I-25 BUS N

121 ft

26. Turn left onto I-25 BUS N

0.4 mi

27. Turn right onto CO-69 N (signs forGardner/Westcliffe)

58.2 mi

28. Turn left onto Main St/Silver Cliff Ave

0.2 mi

29. Take the 3rd right onto CO-69 N/N 3rd St

Continue to follow CO-69 N

15.9 mi

30. Turn left onto Co Rd 1a

7.0 mi

31. Turn left onto US-50 W

27.8 mi

32. Turn right onto US-285 N/US-50 W (signs for Gunnison/Buena Vista/Leadville)

Continue to follow US-50 W

117 mi

33. Turn right onto CO-347 N

5.2 mi

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Crawford, CO 81415

Biomes and Ecology

Black canyon of the Gunnison is made up of mainly temperate grasslands and deserts. The Black Canyon gilia is a species of wildflower native to the park.[14]Wildlife in the park include coyotes, elk, magpies,eagles, and the mule deer. In addition the canyon is the home of a number of resident birds including the Great Horned Owl, the American dipper andSteller's Jay and migratory birds such as the Mountain Bluebird, the Peregrine Falcon, theWhite-throated Swift and the Canyon Wren.

High and Low Temeratures

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The Ute Indians had known the canyon to exist for a long time before the first Europeans saw it. While the railroad and others came first to the canyon as a path to Utah and the mines to the southwest, later visitors came to see the canyon as an opportunity for recreation and personal enjoyment. The area was established as a U.S. National Monument on March 2, 1933 and made into a National Park on October 21, 1999. During 1933-35, the Civilian Conservation Corps built the North Rim Road to design by the National Park Service.

Things to do

If only 2 days at the the pak they could go fishing and mountain climbing.

If they had a whole week they could go hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking, rafting, horesback riding, mountain climbing and other winter activties.

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