Arts Appreciation

A New 9th Grade Electives Rotation

Experience all Olney has to offer

The new Arts Appreciation rotation is the best way for incoming 9th graders to have a wide variety of experiences in the arts during their introduction to high school. During this course, all 9th grade students will be exposed to Music, Art, Drama, and Technology class for one marking period each. In this survey of classes, students will get a taste of what a more advanced class would be like without spending an entire year in a course they don't prefer.

90 Minute Blocks allow for Creativity and Growth

On our block schedule, the Arts Appreciation class will meet once a day for 90 minutes. Because the class is designed to offer an experience in all the arts classes, students will be enrolled in this course for the entire school year, but each marking period will switch to a new elective. The grade for the year will be an average of the students' grades each semester of the Arts Appreciation rotation.
Olney presents Rumors
1) Will I be able to graduate on time if I take this course?
Yes! Each rotation - Art, Drama, Music, and Technology lasts only one marking period. By taking all four of these courses throughout the year, students will earn 2 Arts and Humanities credits towards the 5 required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by the end of high school.

2) What if I really like one class? Can I stay in it the rest of the year?
If a 9th grade student exhibits extraordinary talent in a particular arts elective, they may be moved directly into the 2nd Level of that course. For example, a piano or guitar player can be moved directly to Music 2, a singer to Choir, or a painter to Art 2. Otherwise, students will choose a Level 2 elective course for the following year.

3) How will I be graded in this course?
Each teacher has their own evaluation system depending on the tasks in the course. All courses at Olney Charter High School have the following course breakdown:
Classwork 35%
Assessments 30%
Participation 25%
Attendance 10%
Homework 10%