School Board Meeting Highlights



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All motions were approved.

Workshop Meeting

The following people presented with John Vignone the upcoming plans to borrow $10M and plans to refinance callable bonds this spring:

New Money Borrowing/Parameters Resolution - Scott Shearer, PFM Financial Advisors LLC

Ken Phillips, RBC Capital Markets

Jens Damgaard, Eckert Seaman Cherin & Mellott, LLC

Regular Meeting

David Kennedy shared the LCCC report recapping the December meeting.

Marie Maritch discussed that John Vignone presented information about the upcoming budget process during this month's Parkland Community Advisory Council Meeting.

PSBA Legislative Committee Rep David Hein reported that he sat in on a conference call about educational bills that are being proposed regarding budget, vouchers and mental health among other things.

Parkland Education Foundation Rep Carol Facchiano reported that the grant application process has opened for staff and will remain open through March 31, 2020. She also asked everyone to save the date for the annual Gala which will be held on May 20 at Muhlenberg College.

Board members remarked that they enjoyed the tour of Veterans Memorial at Committee meetings this month. They are excited to share it with the community at large when it opens. Superintendent Richard Sniscak said that a Certificate of Occupancy Permit could come as early as one month from now.

Rob Cohen and Marie Maritch did not support cyber charter payments.


New Board Member Patrick Foose thanked the Administration for a tour of Food Service. He said that he was very impressed with the staff and operations.

David Hein said he started his governance role at PSBA this week, so he encouraged people to approach him with questions. He said PSBA Advocacy Day is coming up in early March in case anyone wants to participate.

Everyone congratulated Mr. Trenge! Congratulations were also extended to many retirees who were listed on today's agenda!

Census 2020 is on the horizon. Please get familiar with it here.

Next Meeting is Tuesday, January 28, 2020, at 7 PM. It's School Board Recognition Night!