By Drew Tucker

Hurts Small Farmers!

With the mass production of GMOs, food is being produced at a quick rate. The small and organic farmers not using these techniques can not produce food as quickly and they are forced into debt and can no longer provide food for their community and themselves. Then everyone will be forced to rely upon the GMOs for food worldwide.

GMOs Are Potentially Dangerous

While many people have eaten GMOs without consequences, the effect of eating them is still unknown. Some biologists speculate that there could be a possibility that the GMOs can pass some of their mutant genes to bacteria in the digestive system, which could cause major consequences to the human body.
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GMOs Reduce Genetic Diversity

When genes are more diverse, they are more robust. For example, a mutt is healthier than a purebred dog and does not get sick as much. The same concept can be applied to crops. Crops with little diversity will begin to suffer from disease, drought, and insects more than the normal plants with diversity.

The Mutated Genes Spread

GMOs and normal crops can not be planted together. Once a GMO is planted next to a normal crop, the GMO begins to spread and eventually the GMO will become a part of the normal plant, turning it into a GMO. And if these GMOs turn out to be harmful, then all the food in a region will contain this harmful gene and the region will be unable to support itself.