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What happened at school today?

Want to get your kiddo talking about what they are doing here at school? Here are a couple questions/subjects to help guide the discussion:

* Write a 3 digit numbers and ask your child to read them to you.

* What does inferring mean? What did you infer about this week?

* What resolution did you make at school?

Notes From the Teacher

In Kindergarten we are working on being kind to the environment so we put lots of our work in plastic sheet protectors to it may be reused. Our plastic sheet protector stock is dangerously low. If you are able and would like to donate plastic sheet protectors to our classroom it would be greatly appreciated by us and our environment. Thank you!!!

Next week we will be studying Dr. Martin Luther King and learning to appreciate our differences. One of the activities that I have planned is with M&M's if you prefer that your student does not eat M&M's please email me.

I have turned over the responsibility of filling out Wows and Reminders to the kiddos. I have explained to them that if they choose to be dishonest when they record their Wows and Reminders I will put an X on their day both as a consequence and a way to let you know that what was recorded was not 100% accurate. They are ready and can do this!

Our class gained a new student from Algeria this week. It has warmed my heart to watch how beautifully my kindergarten friends have embraced this new little guy. You all would be so proud!

100th Day Service Project

Our 100th day of school is quickly approaching! Over the last several months at school we have focused on learning to be a good friend and being kind to others in our school family. To celebrate one hundred days of school we would like to commemorate this special day by doing something kind for our community. We will be collecting canned goods for local food pantries. Our goal as a grade level is to donate 100 canned foods in honor of 100 days of friendship in kindergarten at TCE. This activity is completely optional. Any student choosing to participate may bring in their canned goods anytime up until the 100th day.

Thank you for helping us to celebrate in this special way!

Mark your Calendar

Our Library Day is now on Monday and book bag homework is due on Monday too.

January 15- 1/2 Day dismissal at 12:01

January 18- Dr. Martin Luther King Day, No School

February 5th- 1/2 Day Dismissal at 12:01

February 15th- President's Day, No School

February 16th- Flex Day- No school if we have not has a snow day up to this point

February 19th- President's Day Program (Details will be coming soon)

This week:

Our language arts focus this week has been inferring. We began by digging in my purse and inferring things about me. It turns out I had 4 lip glosses in my bag. They inferred I either love lip gloss or I really need to clean out my purse! I love kindergartners!!! We practiced our inferring skills through the week with terrific read alouds like; Buster, The Stray Dog, and Never Take a Shark to the Dentist. When you are reading with or to your child each night please help them practice their inferring skills.

The sight words for next week are: come, will, not

Sound Cabinet: Letter:k

In math this week I introduced some "big kid" math words and then practiced using them. We will use words like- operation, variable and result when doing problem solving. Kiddos have worked hard towards mastering addition and subtraction and are ready to apply new vocabulary to what they are doing. It is exciting to hear them using verbiage that they will use when solving problems throughout the rest of their school career.

We started this week in writing by going back to look at our previous individual writing goals and setting new ones. We moved on to brainstorming a list of all the things we can write about. We also reviewed what a personal narrative is practiced writing them. They are growing so much as writers and really enjoy sharing what they've done. A wintery weekend afternoon could easily be filled with book making!

In social studies we talked about New Year's Resolutions as a class. We made resolutions as a class and also as individuals. I look forward to watching them work to achieve their resolutions.

It has been a great week, thank you for sharing your children with me!

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From Discovery

Hello wonderful parents! This is Mrs. Foust with our news from Discovery. This week we are beginning a new unit on friendship. Students enjoyed reading the book, You Will Be My Friend and making a friendship card. We also practiced being a good friend during center time. For our movement day, it was fun to see the students participating in yoga! Ask your child to show you a yoga pose.