Amerigo Vespucci!

The one who named our content

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Amerigo's Background

He was born on March 9, 1454. In Florence, Italy. He died of malaria, in 1512. He was a Brave, Intelligent, and Famous Explorer. In 1479, he complained another relation, sent by the famous Italian family pf Medici to be their king of France. After a while, he took part of the early voyages to new world of the half of Spain in the late 15th century. Amerigo was actually named by another Famous explorer!
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Amerigo's Achievements/Discoveries

One of Amerigo's Achievements/Discoveries is that. In Spain he created a new opening for him, also he was head navigator for all their future voyages. Another one is that he sailed 4 ships to South America, and then sailing to the West Indies off of Asia. One last thing is that. In 2012, a silver coin was minted in memorial of him cause of all the travels he did in the past. Go search him! He is really amazing to discover!
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How Amerigo Vespucci Impacted Our World Today

How he impacted our world to day is that. He named our Continent and one more other one! That one is the most important one today! One more is that, He also inspired other people to travel all around the world and go to different countries to!
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Amerigo Vespucci's Map

This map is telling us where he traveled and his routes he took in the past.

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