Boston Tea Party

A tea party for fishes

Research Introduction

“ We were merry in an undertone, at the idea of making so large a cup of tea for fishes.” The courageous actions of 100 men lit the torch for independence. Without the Boston Tea Party it is safe to say that the year “1776” would not be famous in American History. The Boston Tea Party left its mark on history as the start of the rebellion against the British. Many events led up to the Tea Party. The actual plan was one of the most stealthy events of the American Revolution. This event sparked and began protests against British oppression. The Boston Tea Party started the war and changed the course of American history

Boston Tea Party

Thursday, Dec. 16th 1773 at 9pm

Boston Harbor, Boston, MA, United States

Boston, MA

  • 1770:All taxes removed except for tea
  • 1773: Parliament decided to help the East India Tea Company
  • 1773: Sons of Liberty boycott the tax by chucking tea overboard East India ship
  • 1773: 342 chests of tea were chucked into the sea to boycott East India tea
  • 1774: British pass the Intolerable Acts as a result which stopped rebellions
  • 1774: The Boston Tea Party caused similar actions everywhere
  • 1774: Continental Congress was formed

By Tarun Trivedi