3-8 FASLS: We make a difference every single day!

Quote of the Week

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Who we are:

3-5 FASLs

Julie Ivonye - SS Specialist

Tonya Wilson-Brown - Referral Specialist

Mindy Trejo - Referral Specialist

6-8 FASLs

Angela Rutledge - SS Specialist

Anne Joles - Referral Specialist

Nicole Jenkins - Referral Specialist

Nidia Ampadu - Referral Specialist

3-8 FASLs

Mindy Trejo - Special Programs

Jessica McDowell - Lead

Strong Start Success!

3-8 Strong Start Successes:

We exited 289 students today. You all are simply amazing...keep up your hard work!

Referral Action

Referrals are coming in...Woot! Currently in 3-8 we're actively assisting 38 students. Remember our Motto:

The Family Academic Support Team’s Goal is to ENGAGE students in their education, EQUIP families with the necessary tools, ENCOURAGE them to be successful, EMPOWER families to meet EXPECTATIONS.

Important Dates

FAST Department Meeting

When: Tuesday Sept. 13th, 9:00am CST

FAST NPD: Case Management

When: Friday, September 23rd, 12:00pm CST

3-8 FASL Team Meeting

When: Monday Sept. 26th, 12:00pm CST

September Birthdays

Julie: Sept. 7th

Weekly Team Shout Outs

From: Jessica

To: 3-8 Team

Message: You inspire me each week on how hard you each work for our families!

Give a Shout Out!

Have someone who has helped you or is just simply amazing...let them know it!

Important Links

FAST Tracker - Keep this up to date with notes regarding your assigned families. No family should have more than 7 days without an update at any given time.

Strong Start Site - Link to share with families who are newer or even in referral for How-To help.

Students First - See the calendar for PLC, NPD, etc. meetings. Files for help on national school shared documents within your specific roles.

K12 Time Off Request - Notify your Lead prior to submission. If you are hourly make sure your timesheet is filled out accurately with time off. Flexing 2 hours is okay as long as you make that time up within the same week. Notify your Lead if you need to do this.

HR Portal - Provides a wealth of important information on your employment here with K12. Also, where your annual evaluations take place.

TXVA Staff Directory - Use chain of command discretion when reaching out to staff. If it is something I and/or Ms. Perry need to know inform us first and we will provide how to respond. For referrals please DO make contact with teachers, no hesitation there.

RES Staff Directory - For the most part Mindy is the main person who would contact case workers as she is the assigned SPED FASL.

Autdialer - This should be used sparingly! Only use it to remind families of important meetings. Use your actual voice when sending a call. Include a way for them to return contact you.

Outing Sign Up - Sign up for all 7 Virtual Outings. You will not plan them, you will attend them and help during the Outing times.

Email Help - This is where you will submit your Email tickets for issues with your txva.org account. Families who need Email help will call Tech Support.

TXVA Electives - Website for 3-8 electives information. Share with families.