My Poem's

Sierra Frady

Haiku poem

A tiny sea fish,

that swam across the sea shore-

and it was a fish.

Ode poem

Ode to autumn

seasons of mist and mellow

fruitfulness ,close blossom-friend of the

maturing Sun, come spring with him

how to load and bless with vines

attached to the trees, and all the trees growing blossoms and some have apples on them

dripping juice oh autumn how I love you.

Cinquain poem



hitting,catching ,running

tiring and hard working


Rhyme scheme poem

When going to school (A)

here is one important issue (B)

Do not run in the halls (A)

And never wright on the walls(B)

Limerick poem

There was a cat (A)

that was scared of a bat (A)

he woke in the night (B)

and he had a bad sight (B)

he seen the bad with a bright blue hat (A)

Blazon poem

My teeth are white like paper.

My energy soars like a fish.

My eyes like the light green grass.

My attitude lifts like the sun in the sky.

My poem is funny like a little puppy.

I am summer.

Color Poem

Blue is the color of my car

Blue is the color of my shoes

Blue smells like boiled raspberries

Blue tastes like blueberries

Blue sounds like car horns

Blue looks like my walls

Blue feels like marbles

Blue makes me want to go swimming

Blue is a nice name for a song

Acrostic poem

Toy store

Orange blocks

Yellow yoyo

Makes me think of Poem

Winter makes me think of snow

snow makes me think of sledding

sledding makes me think of hills

hills makes me think of fun

fun makes me think of friends

friends make me think of snow ball fights

snow ball fights makes me think of winter

Exaggeration Poem

I drank hot sauce

from my neighbour as a dare

the hot sauce made my face turn red

and made smoke come out my ears

it made me want to go jump in a pool

and merge my face into the water to

rinse the hot sauce out of my mouth

but all it would do is make me mouth burn even hotter

than it is because the pool has chlorine in it

so it would make my mouth feel the same

I drank hot sauce