Standards of Mathematical Practice

Choose 1 or more activities to complete.

Partner Activity - Mathematical Practices Sort

  1. Briefly review the description for mathematical practices listed in the Everyday Math teacher's edition (TE) pg. EM6. Note: Although this is a first-grade edition all grade levels have a section that explains mathematical practices.
  2. Open the TE to a daily lesson. Find the mathematical practice standard addressed during the lesson. With your partner, talk about how the standard is used in the lesson.Note: Most daily lessons have a common core state standard and a mathematical practice standard (SMP) that is taught for the lesson.
  3. Complete the math sort with a partner while having dialogue about the standard.
  4. Once you have completed the sort go to this link to check your answers.

Individual Activity - Interactive Journal Activity

  1. Cut around the outside rectangle.
  2. Fold on the // lines and cut between the standards on the black line as pictured on the blog and included in the example.
  3. Glue the back onto the right side of a piece of construction paper.
  4. Open each flap and illustrate what the standard means to you.
  5. Write the following prompts on the left side of the page and complete.

"The standard that I demonstrate most consistently is # _____ because..."

"Standard #_____ is difficult for me because..."

Individual Activity - Partner Share

1. Individual activity - Spend 10 minutes looking at the Mathematical Practices site activities and videos. Use 10 minute timer.

2. Share out with a partner- "What might be some things you found interesting or some ideas you can share about mathematical practices?"

Reflection (Complete this activity during reflection time.)

Choose a mathematical practice from the choice board sheet and circle the standard. On the back of the page reflect on how you might focus on the selected mathematical practice and reflect on how you would use the practice during your 3rd quarter lessons.