Below are 5 different mobile apps that can be used to enhance learning in the K-12 classroom. I have chosen to detail i0S apps as that is what I am most familiar with.

Teachley: Addimal Adventure

This app is designed to enhance maths skills for ages 6-8. The app allows teachers to create their own class so that they can gear it towards the relevant learning objectives. The app also allows the teacher to track each student's progress. In addition students can pick up where they left off on any iPad. Therefore if a teacher sets a classroom assignment, students may complete this or go on to a move advanced level at home.

This app could be used in class for any kind of maths problem and then be used to set homework if necessary. All types of maths problems can be set and, because the teacher can set up a bespoke programme, it can reflect and incorporate other class topics.

Google Earth

Google Earth is an app that is used to view the earth. The earth can be viewed from far away space, or more closely, looking at streets and the buildings on them. This app ca be used with any group, the activity itself is what would need to be age appropriate.

Google earth could be used in the classroom to look at other countries design when doing a geography project. Distances between countries can be measured, the street layout can be observed and even hiking trails and in time flights can be seen. This may be helpful if doing a project o the environment.

Science Heroes: Digestive System for Kids

This app is suitable for use with children aged 9-11. The app is designed to teach children how the digestive system works but is also interactive, with children having to complete certain tasks to enhance their learning.

This app could be used as part of a science lesson, in particular, biology where digestion is being studied.

National Geographic Kids Alive

National Geographic have designed an app especially for children. This app allows a variety of subjects to be explored with Max and Taz, the kids explorers who children can follow along. Video supplements are displayed on the app and Max and Taz commentate on each video providing additional facts and explanations.

This app can be used in a geography or social studies class. Rather than just watching videos, there is commentary alongside from Max and Taz, who are children, to make the experience more fun.


The NASA app allows students to look at images and videos of space, provides mission information and news.

This app could be used in many ways in the classroom, for example a drama project about spacemen, a research project about space, a maths project calculating the position of stars and planets or a geography project looking at different planets.