A Christmas Carol Background

Emily Bradley

Charles Dickens

  • Charles Dickens had a lonely childhood and adulthood.
  • He had 10 kids.
  • Had more than one wife.
  • He worked as a law clerk and hated it.
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  • The start of this was when the hand tool was invented.
  • It started in the 18th century
  • They started to accept factory systems.
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The Victorian Era

  • Charles grew up after the Victorian Era.
  • Queen Victoria grew Britain's empire.
  • She ruled a quarter of the population and covered about 1/5 of Earth's land..
  • When Queen Victoria died almost every part of life got touched.
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Child Labor & Poverty during Victorian Age

  • Children as young as five would work for 12 hours or more.
  • Poor children and adults would work to provide for themselves and others.
  • Children would work for less then the adults did.
  • Wealthy people moved away from poor people.
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